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The Blank Disc
The world is flat, I say! FLAT!!!!!
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2nd-Jan-2008 06:51 pm(no subject)
Let the light in.

If anyone is up for it, at the end of the month, Sacharissa will be inviting Angua, Maladicta, Sybil, the Lady, Adora Belle and Susan to join her for a Disc Girls' Night Out - an evening of entertainment, drinks and trying to see if they might be able to avoid killing each other for a few hours. She thinks they ought to stick together, after all, and it seems a fun thing to do.

After she mentions this to Rupert, he's going to be organizing a Disc Guy's Night Out for the same night - a poker evening for Vimes, Ned, William, Moist and himself.

I'm thinking maybe the last Friday of the month would work? Let me know what you guys think, 'cause this could be so much fun. Let me know if I forgot anyone, too. :D

baby i'm your barcode
...I learned on that sugarrush I had when watching all Cartoons when I was twelve.



    1: Chat is available for creation/bouncing off of new ideas/characters/omgwtfness @ discplotticus.
    2: Major decisions (re: random plottwists) in the plot will be made via roll of the dice. Dice rolls will be made in footnotes, have random cameos and features changes. Decisions will be reached as a whole BEFORE the dice is rolled between what choices to be had. Then they'll be had.
    3: Footnotes will feature (aside from rolls): Player commentary, the usual notations, secondary footnotes, separate storylines, wars, and transgressions into headnotes (headnotes being..notes at the top of the page marked by text instead of text ).
    4: Please use Wikipedia for characters. Also use Discipedia for reference too. :D We like fun.
    5: Per suggestion of Scott/Mala/Stef, we have a roughshod plot of this (C&P'd from Stef):
      Stef: Maladicta wants to go to Borogrovia, and we're thinking there may be a war on, which would explain why she can't find Polly.
      Stef: And William and Sax want a news story, only since it's the Lady's world we figure it would be totally cracked and they'd have to run off and "rescue" Maladicta anyway and... get caught in the process themselves.
      Stef: And we want a guest appearance by Gaspode.

    6: Remember the Turtle GameTable. That will probably be the best starting off point for main action. It does work well for making pieces go literally where they're they're metaphorically (TableKlatch = ActualKlatch). Goodtimes.
    7: None The Lady pawns players will be waking up, in booths and the like. Because...they're guests ("victims" and "hostages" are nasty, dirty words). This temporary, naturally. And will change quickly.
    8: It has been started here. Tag each other, tag in. Make up an order. Go from there.
    9: Stephen Colbert will be coming. Because Cast of 1000 players isn't complete without him. ;)
    11: Also. This guide is subject to editing. All the time.
28th-May-2007 01:56 am(no subject)
baby i'm your barcode

Damn footnotes.

Nearly ate France. I had to feed them Belgium.
17th-May-2007 10:35 pm - homeplot!
baby i'm your barcode
Hi. So it's been decided that the Lady will be hosting this years Discworld Homeplot, so I figured that I better get the ball rolling.
cut for homeplot crazyCollapse )
Now is the part where I ask for plot. Who is tagging along? I heard a Sax and a Vimes and a grudging Moist? Who else? And What will our Discworlders do? Something crazy? Well...it's them, so well, they can field trip to Ankh-Morpork?
22nd-Apr-2007 06:44 pm(no subject)
Respectable member of society.

HOMEPLOT PLOTTY THINGS GO HERE. :D Preliminary suggestions, plot ideas, voting on who hosts, etc. start now, a zillion years early. ♥


28th-Feb-2007 01:17 am(no subject)
baby i'm your barcode
Since it is needed:

Nanny Ogg's Cookbook : Specially Useful for Malamanda.

And I'm slowly working on getting the rest of my Disc uploaded to my box.net account here's what I have so far: Discworldy things!.

It's the right weather, and getting toward the right time, for a Hogswatch thing- does anyone think their pup might feel inclined to bring this up/do something for it?

Thoughts on odd traditions for those of the pups that are forrin? (I'm looking up Central and Eastern European things for Borogravia, frex.)

Christmas proper vs. New Year's Eve? (It being sort of a fusion, after all.)
maladicta von borogravia
Acy sez:
They are each returned to the very point they left from. There's some
personal and interpersonal backplaying of what happened between then and the
point sometime in the future, after everyone's had the chance to have been
and gone, when *our* plot starts up (whatever it may be).

Malamanda sez:
That's what I was thinking form the start. I think it's also the best way for us to get the max out of the character developement we've done and angs- er, the conflict and awkwardness of meeting up again.

Plot as it Stands sez:
The idea so far seems to be that we have Borogravian dignitaties show up in Ankh-Morpork (with Mal and Polly as part of the diplomatic mission in some way), and someone get killed. Possibly involving the post office or magic. And a ball at the Vimes-Ramkin home, just because it's a fun way to get everyone in and I like to piss off Sam.

Becca sez in addendum:
I thinking it would be best not to play it (or most of it) as one big thread or anything. There are juuuust too many of us. Who is involved will vary depending on what particular part of the plot it is, etc., and those can probably be done as different posts and the like. And people can do as many or as few scenes more individuually, too. So, for example, Stefanie, you don't have to worry about being in anything, but if you wanted we could keep you up to date, and Sax could make an appearance when you wanted her to.

Um, you guys this going to be REALLY COOL.
25th-Oct-2006 02:29 pm(no subject)
[ooc] playa perks
For those of you that haven't seen this, the possibility of getting all the Discworld pups in on the same AU has been brought up.

Everyone's thoughts?

Plots? (We really should have one.)
1st-Oct-2006 09:50 pm - I'M MORE OF A CAT PERSON
Things Written Down
Okay, in regards to this post, particularly the point about Death's knowledge/span of influence not necessarily jumping canons, we should come to an as-a-canon conclusion about whether she'd know the Disc pups?

My view would be that she wouldn't, what with the canon seven-foot skeleton and all? But I don't know if any of y'all will prefer it the other way, with the Deaths being aspects of a whole (i.e., she would know them. Especially Rupert, the dead one), and it affects other people's pups way more.

*spams comm*
30th-Sep-2006 09:22 pm - there's a time thing
what the blazes?
A sudden chat-realization, put here mostly to bring it to Becca's attention if she hadn't thought of it, because it might come up in the William-Mal-Vimes thread:

delicfcd: ...Vimes is post-Thud
delicfcd: omg
Malamanda: uhuh
delicfcd: so... chances are, if William's married in his timeline...
delicfcd: he would know
Malamanda: ..................
Malamanda: oh man.
delicfcd: ohhhh I did not think of that
Malamanda: ........oh ma.
Malamanda: n.
Malamanda: .njlfhj
delicfcd: dagahahsh
delicfcd: ah, but he also knows when William's from
Malamanda: true that
delicfcd: so he'd be able to figure out the 'from before marriage' thing
23rd-Sep-2006 01:26 am - Pup requests?
[ooc] playa perks
Well, I know some of us have decided on characters to pester other people to app. Scott and I got the idea of sort of pooling our efforts in that direction. These are the ones we really need- whether for reasons of existing pups going emo for lack, or interactions we'd love to see (MOIST AND DOGBOTHERER), or just because a desert island isn't complete without them.

To my knowledge so far we've had mentioned in that context:
Paul Perks
Lady Sybil Ramkin/Vimes (complete with young Sam)
young!Havelock Vetinari (Dog-Botherer)
Mustrum Ridcully

...have I got them all? Anyone want to add?
20th-Sep-2006 02:09 pm(no subject)
Bad cop
SO! Canon-pimping has fallen by the wayside a little over at my_slate, but technically we've got the Discworld one coming up in a couple weeks. *boggle* Thoughts? Suggestions on how to divide things up? Do we even want to try to tackle this monster?
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