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The Blank Disc
The world is flat, I say! FLAT!!!!!
Hogswatch is coming, the pig is getting fat... 
3rd-Dec-2006 04:34 pm

It's the right weather, and getting toward the right time, for a Hogswatch thing- does anyone think their pup might feel inclined to bring this up/do something for it?

Thoughts on odd traditions for those of the pups that are forrin? (I'm looking up Central and Eastern European things for Borogravia, frex.)

Christmas proper vs. New Year's Eve? (It being sort of a fusion, after all.)
5th-Dec-2006 05:36 am (UTC)
It seems to me that Hogswatch probably takes place on the winter solstice, as most midwinter holidays originate there in one way or other, and all the symbolism about the sun not coming up in Hogfather definitely points to that as well. And since it is the new year for the Disc people and the Western Earth new year is pretty damn random, they'd probably do any celebrations then, not expecting a separate New Year's Eve (until/unless Western Earth types tell them).

So I'd vote for sticking Hogswatch on Christmas or the Winter Solstice, ignoring the fact that they're on an island in the Southern Hempisphere and/or near the equator so they're not going to have a winter solstice, etc. etc. silly astronomy. PTerry broke the laws of physics when he created his silly planet anyway. :P

If Sybil arrives in time, I volunteer her to host a ball :D.
5th-Dec-2006 07:04 am (UTC)
That would put it on... ~looks it up~ the 22nd, if we ignore the nature of the Disc (which makes summer and winter very different things than on Earth), of the Island (which makes them even *more* different), and of our pups (I don't think any of them are that astronomically inclined, are they?)

Actually, given all that, we could probably get away with having it whenever we want.
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