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The Blank Disc
The world is flat, I say! FLAT!!!!!
everything i need i need to know for discplot... 
8th-Jun-2007 05:28 pm
baby i'm your barcode
...I learned on that sugarrush I had when watching all Cartoons when I was twelve.



    1: Chat is available for creation/bouncing off of new ideas/characters/omgwtfness @ discplotticus.
    2: Major decisions (re: random plottwists) in the plot will be made via roll of the dice. Dice rolls will be made in footnotes, have random cameos and features changes. Decisions will be reached as a whole BEFORE the dice is rolled between what choices to be had. Then they'll be had.
    3: Footnotes will feature (aside from rolls): Player commentary, the usual notations, secondary footnotes, separate storylines, wars, and transgressions into headnotes (headnotes being..notes at the top of the page marked by text instead of text ).
    4: Please use Wikipedia for characters. Also use Discipedia for reference too. :D We like fun.
    5: Per suggestion of Scott/Mala/Stef, we have a roughshod plot of this (C&P'd from Stef):
      Stef: Maladicta wants to go to Borogrovia, and we're thinking there may be a war on, which would explain why she can't find Polly.
      Stef: And William and Sax want a news story, only since it's the Lady's world we figure it would be totally cracked and they'd have to run off and "rescue" Maladicta anyway and... get caught in the process themselves.
      Stef: And we want a guest appearance by Gaspode.

    6: Remember the Turtle GameTable. That will probably be the best starting off point for main action. It does work well for making pieces go literally where they're they're metaphorically (TableKlatch = ActualKlatch). Goodtimes.
    7: None The Lady pawns players will be waking up, in booths and the like. Because...they're guests ("victims" and "hostages" are nasty, dirty words). This temporary, naturally. And will change quickly.
    8: It has been started here. Tag each other, tag in. Make up an order. Go from there.
    9: Stephen Colbert will be coming. Because Cast of 1000 players isn't complete without him. ;)
    11: Also. This guide is subject to editing. All the time.
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